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“How I tripled my productivity and happiness by tearing up my ‘to-do’ list”

For years,

… I had a “to-list” that kept growing and growing and growing.

No matter how much I worked, it felt like there was always more to do.

I had a “home business” but spent more time in the *business* than the home.

Then, my coach asked me a series of focusing questions:

» What’s your vision?

» Which goals get you there?

» What are your 3 most important daily tasks that accomplish your goals?

» What’s your most profitable skill?

» How much time do you invest doing that on a daily basis?

That’s when I realized how much time (and life) I was wasting on stuff that wouldn’t matter in three years.

Ever hear of the 80/20 rule?

The Pareto Principle, also known as the law of the vital few, is the observation that 80% of the result you want is usually the product of 20% of your effort.

The secret to triple your productivity, progress and happiness is finding and consistently focusing on your 20%.

My 20%?

Three things:

(1) Belief-building personal growth, morning and evening;

(2) Seeking out, understanding and authoring content, strategy and systems for my readers, clients and members; and

(3) “BFF Conversations” with key relationships, current and prospective clients, and through the media.

BFF Conversations? It’s the methodology I use to enhance personal and professional relationships – whether with my son or a coaching client. I’ll cover this in another message.

80% of my success, income and feelings of growth, progress and happiness come from these “3 to Thrive.”

Of course there are 358 other things screaming for attention — including paperwork, organizing, etc. I delegate, and block out 3 hours on Fridays for “stuff,” but nothing gets ahead of my “3 to Thrive.”

Time for action:

(1) First, answer the 5 focusing questions for yourself.

(2) Next, identify your “3 to Thrive.”

You don’t have to get this perfect, just get it going. Improve as go.

(3) Then, prioritize, schedule and protect your focus.

BONUS TIP: If you’re employed by someone else, ask them:

» What are your top 3 priorities for me?

» Which specific problems can I help you solve?

» What’s most important to you in our work relationship?

» What has to happen in order for you to feel that I am meeting your expectations?

That’s all for today.

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