Ramon Williamson Biography

Ramon Williamson inspires others for a living.

His unique ability is unlocking and launching people.

His work has positively impacted millions around the world, yet most people have never heard of him. That’s because, for three decades, he has privately advised thought leaders, CEOs, and celebrities as a trusted advisor, friend, and architect helping to position, package and promote some of the world’s most influential and creative voices.

His 2030 vision is equipping 10,000 in the marketplace who connect, engage, and mobilize one million people in creative commerce, community, and contribution as a force for good.

Ramon Williamson Story, Highlights & Focus

From a life-changing spiritual experience at the age of seven to building a successful business in his early twenties to overcoming a string of shattering setbacks, Williamson draws from a rich tapestry of timeless wisdom, spiritual principles, and practical strategies proven to work.

Today, he writes, speaks, and consults on personal growth, productivity, the advice business, marketing, and the entrepreneurial lifestyle.  While diverse, his work and business interests express his creed and calling to inspire, unlock, and launch people.

He is a lifelong student of personal growth and development, marketing, and strategic influence — investing significant resources and thousands of hours to seek out and learn from the leading spiritual, business, and personal development thinkers and practitioners of his generation.

Williamson has embraced a simple lifestyle oriented around devotional prayer, developing first-generation entrepreneurs, and in 2014 returned to his creative roots: acting, writing, and producing uplifting media.

Creative Entrepreneur

He has helped launch several personal growth, publishing, digital marketing, and software companies as a founder, CEO, investor, and advisor. He also leads a global network of creative entrepreneurs in media, technology, music, film, and publishing who meet in mastermind groups.

Life Coach

In 1986, he helped pioneer the global life coaching movement, and is widely recognized as one of the most experienced and effective life coaches in the world, having worked with more than thirty thousand individual and group clients. Williamson inspired and developed many of the modern concepts used in the life coaching industry, including coaching clubs and the integration of coaching in live events. Google® selected him to help launch their Helpouts platform in 2014 where he was featured as the #1 rated life coach.

Motivational Speaker

Ramon Williamson earned early recognition as a public speaking champion and was named one of the 21 best in business motivation by a national magazine. Today, he is a top-rated keynote speaker and seminar leader hired by Fortune 500 corporations, national associations, and faith-based organizations.

“Ramon Williamson has spoken for two of our national conventions and for several chapters. His programs are outstanding and a must for any professional who wants to achieve their dreams! I highly recommend him.” – David Richardson, NSN

I can already see a change in 100% of my team … they are already implementing your strategies into their daily activities!” – Robert J. Mobley, StateFarm

Author & Publisher

Named a Virgin® Media Pioneer by Richard Branson’s Virgin Media, he’s the author of Six Simple Things That Can Change Your Life endorsed by Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, and others.  He is the author and publisher of several personal growth and professional development programs, including The Super Habit™ and The Lost Method™. His next book, The Seventh Secret, is scheduled to be released in 2023. He has also developed an authoring method used by people all over the world to author and publish books, online courses, and other information products.

Digital Marketin & Internet Business

Ramon Williamson started his first Internet business in 1994 and was awarded “Innovator and Influencer of the Internet” for his trailblazing work. He also pioneered the “Done With You” workshop model where people show up to a live or virtual event with an idea or no idea and complete a significant project in a compressed period of time. His expertise includes advice on story brand development, building movements using challenges and transformative events, email marketing, online courses, recurring revenue from membership and coaching programs, and mastermind groups.

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