Before You Set Goals, Do This

Opportunities and possibilities are everywhere.

So how do we decide what to focus on?

We use our values.

Our values are our emotional priorities.

They help us decide what to notice and focus on in life.

Most of our values have been shaped by past influences and experiences, but we can decide what’s important to use and shift our values to move in a new direction.

To identify your present values, ask yourself:

What’s important to me in life
What’s important to me in relationships?
What’s important to me in a career?

Your answers reveal what matters to you in life, your values.

Think about your answers.

Are these the present values the priorities that you need to become the person you want to be, and to accomplishwhat you want to accomplish?

If not, decide on new priorities.

Invitation: For help with this, schedule an initial strategy session with me.

Once you’re clear about what’s truly important to you, write down goals that will make it easy for you to honor your values.

For example, if one of your values is spending a lot of time with your family, then one of your goals might be to start a home business, or to pursue a new career that will give you more flexibility and free time.

I realize that this sounds very simple. That’s because it is.

Remember, 90% of achieving anything is recognizing that it’s possible.

It’s possible.