Beyoncé Did What? 5 Lessons You Can Learn


Beyoncé did what?

Mrs. Carter, with the surprise launch of her new album, stepped outside the box, broke the rules, disrupted the conventional and showed you and world the power of becoming a new media superstar.

The result, over 800,000 copies of Beyoncé sold in three days.

How Beyoncé Crushed It

Don’t let her pretty face fool you, this woman is a marketing tiger.  You don’t have to listen to her music, but you must learn from her marketing.

Here are five lessons for emerging authors, speakers, life coaches and, new media superstars, messengers and thought leaders to learn:

(1) Put in the work.

You don’t do what Beyoncé did day one.

The three days of sales that just rocked the music industry are the product of 32 years of pain, rejection, frustration, and good ole fashioned work.  The kind of stuff most people run from.

The thing you must understand is that NO ONE is going to pay attention to you for at least 90 to 120 to 180 days, maybe a year.  Just ask Larry Fournillier or Gary Vaynerchuk.

Most people give up.  They get distracted by stats and naysayers versus honing their stories and skill.

Make no mistake, getting heard takes heart, hustle, and time.

Put in the work.

There’s a hidden, arguably more important reason you need to put in the work: the time it takes to hone your craft and build your audience is not just about paying your dues, it’s about who you become in the process.  There’s something that happens inside you – spiritually and emotionally – that prepares you for the heat and haters that come with ‘the stage.’  Put in the work and the pressure makes you shine brighter, settle for a short cut and it burns you out fast.

(2) Know what makes you, and fearlessly flaunt it.

Beyoncé is Beyoncé.

There is no one on earth like her, period.

And, the good news is, there’s no one on earth ‘you-er than you.’

The hidden-in-plain-sight difference between you and the highest-paid person in your field is not training or talent.  The thing that really gives them the edge is that they show up in the marketplace with greater confidence in who they are, and with a willingness to fearlessly flaunt it regardless of what people think of say about them.

This kind of fearlessness is irresistible, and it creates the kind of fascination that gets you paid for who you are not just what you do.  Add some marketing and monetizing, and you’ve got a real business from your 15 minutes of fame.

Remember, you are already the best you, and your uniqueness is your greatness.

(3) Build your own stage.

The amazing thing about the Internet and social media is that you can embrace your passion, open your laptop, press record, and begin making your difference in the world.

The trouble is that most people stand around waiting for someone to discover them, offer them a book deal or a speaking slot.

To get your message heard, you’ve got to get out there, find the conversation you contribute to, pick your platform and get it going – even if you and your family are the only ones watching and reading at first.

(4) Think differently.

Aren’t you supposed to drop a single first?

And aren’t you supposed to let people pick-and-choose the tracks they want on iTunes?

Beyoncé dropped the whole album, all at once… and made you buy the whole thing, BAM!

Instead of relying on the music machine to run a conventional marketing campaign or following the standard protocol on iTunes, she flipped the script.

Larry Fournillier, a chef who teaches people how to cook Caribbean food on his YouTube channel, and I were talking the other day about how he attracted 1,019,002 followers in one social media network.

One of the things that stuck with me from the conversation was the unconventional approach he took to his Hangout-On-Air (HOA) show. Every other Chef makes their show about them, they do the cooking and show you how.  What Larry does differently is to make his viewers the star.  He sends you the recipe, brings you on the show, and coaches you while you cook it live on air.  Brilliant.

You’ve got to do the same thing: think outside the box everyone else is trying to fit into.

(5) Stay in tune with your audience.

Beyoncé listens to her market, sees the music, and delivers an unmistakable experience.

She also understands that every artist, thought leader, and new media superstar needs to do two things, give people what they want and love today while continually innovating, growing, and leading.

This is the mindset from which you create content that connects.

Ask yourself: What does my audience want today?  What are they likely to be true in 9 to 18 to 36 months from now?  Then move to the front of the trend, deliver today while being willing to risk the status quo to lead the way.

That’s thought leadership.

(6) Make what you offer accessible to more people.

Beyoncé released two versions of her album, an explicit and ‘family-friendly’ version grabbing the #1 and #2 positions on iTunes.

It’s amazing to me how many people publish a physical book, but ignore Kindle or iTunes.  Or they publish an advanced course and forget about the beginners.

Begin with your core content, then package it in lots of different formats and flavors to reach more people.

Let’s sum it up: Put in the work, be you, build your own stage, think differently, stay in tune with your audience listen to your market, find your uniqueness and make a bold move.

Are you ready?

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no…

Beyoncé got old-school music business looking so crazy right now, and I’m crazy in love with her marketing.