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Why This Daily Email?

Hey this is Ramon Williamson. I'm best known for my work as a life coach. I helped pioneer the field beginning in 1986. It's my calling and life's work. 

I started using email for business in the 80s and the Internet in the mid 90s. It took years for me to figure out the 'web.' It was a hard and costly experience. But then, in 1999, I experienced an epiphany and breakthrough that changed everything. 

I've been able to make a living online every since.

Why should this matter to you? 

I've kept a secret notebook since 1999. Inside the good, bad, and ugly of what I've experienced and learned while earning independently using the Internet over these past 22 years. 

Every work day, Tuesday through Saturday, I crack open that notebook, organized today as a 'second brain' digital journal, and share key ideas, observations, insight, and understanding – along with what's working now – to help you focus, get paid to share what you know from anywhere, attract and enroll committed clients, and live more of the life you want. Plus remote work productivity, lifestyle, and wellness tips. Everything experience-based, experience-tested, experience-proven.

You'll also hear about what I have to offer, but most people think I under-promote.

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