Do you journal?

Do you journal?

Everyone agrees, journaling is a powerful personal growth and development tool.

But there’s a hidden benefit you don’t hear much about.

You are not only documenting your daily accomplishments, observations and discoveries, you’re building a powerful success reference library.

Reviewing and reading back through your journal weeks, months or even years later reinforces thinking bigger and playing a bigger game in life.  It can also help you to get through tough times and make better decisions.


How To Journal

Why don’t more people journal?

Most people don’t journal consistently because they don’t have a plan for journaling.

Remember the three questions I mentioned last week?

Those are the same core questions I use for journaling:

(1) What went well today?

(2) What did I learn?

(3) What will I improve?

Schedule 10 minutes at the end of each day to ask and answer these questions in your journal.

I strongly recommend hand-writing in your journal the old-fashioned way.

If you prefer a high-tech approach, check out Evernote and the vJournal app on the iPhone.

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See you tomorrow,

Ramon Williamson