Finish Your Unfinished Stuff

We all have projects or situations that are incomplete or unfinished in some way.

To do something big, you’re going to need more energy.

One simple way to start having more energy right now is to finish your unfinished stuff to free up your mental, emotional, and physical space.

Having unfinished business is like dragging around an invisible weight.

Even when you’re not consciously aware of it, unfinished stuff drains your energy and costs you critical time and resources.

There are several areas to consider:

1. Commitments.

Have you made commitments that you haven’t kept?

Keep them.

If you can’t, apologize and move on.

2. Tolerations.

Are there things, people, and recurring patterns in your life that you continue to tolerate?

Don’t complain aboutwhat you permit.

Clean up your tolerations and you’ll dramatically improve your ability to focus

3. Unforgiveness.

Are you still holding things against others?

Cry, holler, pray—but what ever you do, forgive them.

It’s costing youmore than it’s costing them

Are you still holding things against yourself

Here’s a suggestion on how to handle it: Go into a closet in your house. Really, go into a closet. Then, out loud, tell God all of it. Ask for forgiveness. Then get up, walk out of the closet, and leave whatever it is behind

Listen, if you’re going to do something big, you can’t be loaded down with baggage you don’t need.

Clean it up, complete it, or let it go—and then, move on.

Finish Your Unfinished Stuff Coaching Action Step: 

Make a list of three things to finish now, then do it.


Wanna a badge to celebrate your progress?  Download (Right Click/Save As) the image below and post it on your blog with a note about what you accomplished 🙂


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