The Secret of Modern 'Income Alchemy'

In medieval times, people searched for a way to transform ordinary things like common base metals into gold.

The practice was known as 'alchemy.'

Today, there are those who use a seemingly magical process to transform knowledge into money and freedom using the Internet.

But how?


"I need a plan," she said.

I could hear the desperation in her voice.

She wanted to help others solve a painful problem she'd overcome, but she was stuck.

She searched the Internet, watched dozens of YouTube videos, purchased an expensive course, and spent at least fifty hours trying to figure out everything on her own. 

Now she was frustrated and feeling the overwhelm.

"I think I've got all the tools," she said. "Now I need the magic."

I smiled and suggested we schedule an initial strategy session.

I got this email a few weeks later... (person stuff excluded)

Of course, I can't promise you results like this but I can promise that once you understand what I have to show you, no one will ever be able to pull the wool over your eyes again.

Freedom will finally be in your control, and you can write your own ticket just as I have.

A 'Sorcerers Apprentice'

My name is Ramon Williamson. 

I've earned my primary income as a life coach since 1986. 

I started using the Internet for business in 1994. 

It took me six years to build this website and enroll my first client online. 

Today, I go from idea and income in as little is six hours. 

But don't get me wrong, I know first hand how hard and confusing it is to earn income online without someone to debunk the magic and show you the secrets hidden in plain sight.

There is no magic, just a few simple things that can change your life.

Come closer, let me explain...

The #1 thing people ask me for is a 'plan.'

They want a clear 'treasure map' to get from where they are to where they want to be in this kind of business. 

I made a map recently at the beach.

I wrote it on a napkin.

It's surprisingly simple plan for getting paid to share what you know online – without the complexity, technology and expense that stops most people even before they get started.

The Surprisingly Simple Blueprint That Pays You To Share What You Know Online

I remembered the conversation I just told you about while sitting in a restaurant, looking out over the ocean last week. The beach is one of my favorite places, and I always get breakthroughs.

Something occurred to me about what happened with that client, where she got stuff and stopped and how she was able to break free and get moving again. Her success came by changing the syntax or order within the steps. I scribbled out a few notes and then it hit.

There on the napkin was an 'algorithm' for the advice business.

Two hours later, the 10k Napkin Plan was born.

The 10k Napkin is a series of 'micro-steps' hidden deep inside the haystack of content and courses about how to get paid to share what you know. It's based on what I learned the hard way back in the 90s when it took my nearly six years to make my first website and get a client online.

The blueprint is surprisingly simple, and with a few tweaks, it can work for anyone willing to follow the plan. Are you willing?

'The 10k Napkin' Decoded

I'm sharing the '10k Napkin Plan' in a closed-door webinar on October 29th.

I'm going to step you through the map, and show you the contrarian order of things that trip most people up and put them in quicksand when trying to build this kind of business online.

You'll know exactly what to focus on, where to invest your attention, and what to do next.

The simplicity may shock you, and if you're willing, it'll be like putting a jet pack your back that speeds you to completion and the results you want. I know because it's worked for me, and thousands of other people. You now have the benefit of speeding up the process.

You probably want in on the Zoom meeting, right?

Well, it's closed-door, for clients only.

You can however get access to the recording at a ridiculous price. (See below)

But first, it's important to understand why.

The Hidden Benefit

You're probably wondering why I call this the '10k Napkin'? 

The reason is because 10k the number that comes up with most new clients.

The trouble is, they show up with at least one of three false beliefs that have them trying to implement 100k activities from day one. These false beliefs are also what happens to millions of people when they start a new (fill-in-the-blank) plan in January. It's one of the critical things you must solve for in your micro solution for others. I'll explain this and more in the webinar.

Anyway, the hidden benefit, the #1 reason to get the 10k Napkin now is to break those false beliefs so you can see the next steps in a completely different light. Until you do, the 10k Napkin or any other document just a piece of paper with a drawing and a few words. 

But in the hands of the right person, the one willing to think differently, it's the key that opens to the door to an unlimited opportunity to write your own ticket. No exaggeration.

Time For Action

Here's how to get the 10k Napkin Plan, plus the webinar recording...

(1) If you're an active client, you'll get the link to the private Zoom meeting.

(2) If you're not yet a client, pay me $7 using the link below to get two things: (a) the 10k Napkin as a PDF file, and (b) the 10k mastermind as a video. Both delivered by email on October 30th.

Ready, set, GO:

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PS: If you sincerely want to get paid to share want you know, this is an easy decision. Learn the ropes and succeed faster with someone who's done what you want to do successfully over the past three decades. If you're still on the fence or wondering if this is worth the money, it's probably not for you. I understand, no hard feelings.