Getting Unstuck

You set a goal.

You decide that “x” is the next step.

Trouble is, you don’t have “x”.

So you put off or stop taking action until you can figure out how to get “x”…

But what about “y” or “z”?

Let me explain:

People come to me describing themselves as being “stuck.”

Regardless of their goals or life situation, there’s always a missing “x”… something they’ve convinced themselves that they must have or know to move forward.

They get stopped by what they don’t have, don’t know or can’t do versus taking action to do what they can.

Here are three steps to get unstuck and moving forward:

(1) First, decide what you want.

Let’s say you want a new home.

To get a new home, you likely need more income.

More income is a product of thinking differently, learning new skills, creating more value, etc.

So the goal is specifically what you’ll do to earn the money.

Make sense?

(2) Second, make a list of the steps involved in accomplishing the goal, project or task.

This not only helps you see what you need to know or do, it also helps you see what’s missing or what you need to learn.

(3) Third, ask yourself: what can you do right now?

Can’t do the first item on your list right now, what about the second item, third, seventh or tenth?

The “secret” is to take action immediately.

Doing everything you can right now often leads you to the next insight, answer or resource that is needed.

Time for action:

What do you want to accomplish?

What are the steps involved?

What can you do right now?

Do it.