Give your biggest fans a story to tell…

Who did you spend most of your time thinking about and talking to today?

Most people spend their days rummaging around the Internet and social media trying to convince people who will NEVER get them or buy what they have to offer.

The most important thing you can do right now is to find and focus on ‘your people.’

Seth Godin reminds us:

“If you’ve got an idea or you’re working in marketing, the temptation is to seek out and evangelize those that ‘don’t get it,’ to find and sell to the skeptics.

In fact, real change comes from finding and embracing and connecting and amplifying those that are inclined to like you and believe in you.

Ideas spread from person to person, not so much from you to them. So find your biggest fans and give them a story to tell.”

Bottom line, go where you’re celebrated not just tolerated.

Done for the day,


P.S. Seth is brilliant.  Buy his books.

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Originally written as part of a 31 Day Blogging Challenge

2 thoughts on “Give your biggest fans a story to tell…”

  1. Great post – I’m currently working with a coach on figuring out “my people” and we’re almost there. And, I read Seth’s blog – great stuff.

    1. Ramon Williamson

      Awesome, Amanda! I’ve found it useful to test the waters in 2 to 3 ‘sub-groups’ once you narrow your focus. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

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