Know Who You Are

Growing up, my mother used to always say that when you know who you are and where you come from, no one can hold you back.

There’s a principle that says: if you want to understand something that’s been created, you should begin with the person who made it.

For me, that Creator is God.

Knowing who I am begins with understanding that I am a child of God.

And like my mama used to say, “God didn’t make no junk!”

We are gorgeous because God says we’re gorgeous.

We are brilliant because God made us brilliant.

We are talented because God gave us talent.

That’s who we are, and we can’t let anyone, including ourselves, take that away.

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Discovering Your USP

In the context of business, it’s vital to know who you are and what you have to offer in the marketplace.

This goes beyond the title of your profession or your tag line.

It’s being able to clearly articulate your USP, your Uniquely Special Person in terms of the value and benefit you offer others.

We’ll talk more about this in Monthly Mastermind.

For now, here’s the question to ask yourself:

What’s the big reason for people to give me money?

The real reason is not your book, home study course, or the service you provide, but because of what learning your teachings or getting your product or service will really do for them.


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