Make Something Useful

Everyday, I hear from at least one person who wants to get out there, get their message heard and do all the things they dream about.

They tell me their hopes, fears and their frustrations.

Most are stuck in one of three areas:

(1) finding their focus;

(2) building their platform; or

(3) growing their audience.

There are dozens of challenges and opportunities in each of these three areas, and the starting point, in 99% of cases, is to make something useful.

Whether you want to get more leads, sell more of your products and services, or earn consistent money doing what you love, make something useful.

“Useful” is the thing that addresses and solves an immediate, pressing problem or concern in your marketplace.  It’s the hot topic everyone’s talking about, and it’s a specific aspect of that topic that you can help with now.

It begins with understanding your “what,” “who” and “how.”

Begin by asking yourself:

“What’s my glory story?”

“What have I accomplished that can benefit others?

“What specifically can I teach someone right now that will deliver immediate value?”

Several months ago, I had 134 likes on my Facebook Fan page.  I grew it to more than 30,000 real likes in less than 90 days.  I helped others get similar results.

Then, I created a course about it.

A lot of people purchased it.


Because I went out and did something, got a result and recognized it as something valuable to others.  So I decided to make something useful.

Next, ask yourself (and others):

“Who is the person I ultimately want to help or work with?”

“What do they want to do?”

“What do they feel is standing in the way?”

“What’s the problem from their perspective?”

“What problem, or part of the problem, are they willing to pay to solve?”

“Why have they tried?”

Then, make something useful by packaging your “how” in a way that delivers immediate and obvious benefit.

Ask yourself:

“What’s the real problem as I see it?

“What’s one aspect of the problem I’ve solved, that when I teach it to others can benefit them too?”

“How can I package and communicate this in the simplest way to deliver immediate benefit and value now?”

Forget perfect, awesome, wow or viral.

Make something useful… a checklist, resource list, video tutorial, special report, anything that helps now.

Then, get into the marketplace and help lots of people.

If you want to build your list, put it on a web page behind an opt-in form.  Use WordPress, Optimize Press and Aweber.

If you want to open a conversation with a prospective client or partner, send it to them.

If you want to make consistent money, build a larger solution around it.

Whatever you do, make something useful, now.