I noticed an article in the New York Times this morning with a series of videos. Here are a few I enjoyed plus a few others I found. Enjoy!

"Love and Stuff"

After her mother died, the filmmaker Judith Helfand struggled to pack up her possessions and figure out what to keep — and how to let go. She kept her mother’s belongings in boxes for weeks, until finally, she began to unpack. Here, she turns grief over her first Mother’s Day without her mom into art.

"Mother's Day"

For too many American children, including those in this short documentary, Mother’s Day is as a bitter reminder that their mothers are locked behind bars.

"Hardest Job in the World"

A commercial about moms.


The mothers living in the Siena House shelter in the Bronx face a particularly difficult set of obstacles. They share their stories and love for their babies in their own words, through the universal theme of the lullaby.

"What Will You Say"

A moving tribute to mothers from their children.

"Mom Googles" 

Funny video about what happens when guys are left in charge. (evidently a preview version)

"The Prayer" 

Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion Live

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