My Prayer Breakthrough

It was in one of the toughest seasons of my life.

I was desperate for a breakthrough.

I remember opening the Bible and beginning to read in the Psalms.

Without realizing it, I also began crying out to God with the Psalms as my prayer.

All of sudden I felt a physical pull in my heart.

It literally felt like someone had grabbed my heart and pulled it forward.

I’d never experienced anything like it.

The secret I discovered more than 20 years ago is praying the scriptures in dialogue with God.

Talking with God is the core activity of abiding in Christ, and He has given us the “conversational material” for prayer in the Bible.

“Take words with you, and return to the Lord.  Say to Him, “Take away all iniquity; receive us graciously, for we will offer the sacrifices of our lips [words of love, trust and obedience].” ~ Hosea 14:2

The astonishing reality is that God answers our prayers and gives us eternal rewards related to our words.

We get these words from the Bible.

This secret, speaking the truths of God’s Word back to Him as I read the Bible, transformed my prayer life.

One of my spiritual mentors calls this “Pray-Reading” the Bible.

Here’s how it works:

(1) First, as you read the Bible, thank God for a particular truth or promise, and commit to believing and obeying a command.

(2) Second, ask Him to reveal or release more understanding and to help you obey it.

Something amazing happens in your heart and life when you continually engage in this kind of conversation with God.

It’s a master key to the epic life.