Session 3: Make a Product

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Beginning in 2003, I gathered private coaching clients together for a done-in-a-weekend seminar to learn and implement a simple method that turns what you know into paid content, online books and courses, and more. None of the original sessions were ever recorded. That was on purpose.

I recorded an 'action class' many years later, a series of videos summarizing the method for The Big Table, a private mastermind group I've hosted for more than a decade. You'll find Session 3 from the original series on this page. It reveals essential insight and understanding to make a product. 

I'm providing you with access to these videos for two reasons: 

(1) First, you've expressed an interest in getting paid to share what you know, and

(2) Second, I feel certain that once you see the value of what I have to teach you, you'll want to join in an upcoming training over Zoom to make and launch your first or next product online in a weekend using the original and proven CORE™ method.

If you do want to learn more after watching the four-part video below, and you're open to receiving additional tips, training, and coaching to share what you know and earn an income from anywhere, leave your email by clicking the button below these videos.

I look forward to hearing more about what you have to share, and helping you bring your dream to life.

Session 3, Part 1: 

Session 3, Part 2: 

Session 3, Part 3: 

Session 3, Part 4: 

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