Welcome to my Projects page where you’ll find a collection of the projects in the idea stage, in process, or recently completed. (Note: this is more for my personal focus and accountability – R)

Moving this to a Notion Doc…

Spring 2021 Goals

  1. 100% with Morning Practice
  2. Reposition Coaching Business
    • Lead with micro-courses that come with a coach
    • develop community
  3. Build In Public / Begin with Twitter

Personal & Lifestyle

  • decide Daily Plan
  • transition to 80% recurring revenue;
  • establish “sacred year” morning practice
  • host legacy weekend with family
  • climb Mount Kilimanjaro with son;
  • practice 7th-week sabbatical

Authoring & Publishing

  • publish completed novels on Kindle
  • publish a revised edition of Six Simple Things on Amazon
  • complete first feature film script