Finally, Get High-ROI & Secret Projects DONE.

Ever notice, when you've got someone counting on you, you're more likely to get things done? That's the magic of accountability.

Clearing your to-do list. Staying consistent on social media. Finishing that writing project. Work and life keep getting in the way. Joining the latest course, and other forms of coaching just add to the problem.
Isn't it time to stop stopping?

Speed complete high-ROI and secret projects that keep getting pushed.

I'm Ramon Williamson. I designed "focus accountability sprints" especially for busy professionals and entrepreneurs –– based on what I learned working with more than 18,000 clients in 37 years as a certified personal and business coach.

How Focus Accountibility Sprints Work

Research has found that small, frequent coaching interventions are an effective way to help clients change or improve behavior. For example, taking the stairs vs elevator.
The scientific focus and behaviorial design models we employ go beyond quick-fix tips and “life hacks” to address the underlying factors that can prevent clients from sustaining focus and moving into momentum.
How Science-backed "Focus Accountability Sprints work:
1. Pick an important project to complete
2. Check-In with your coach 15 mins daily for 21 days
3. Get the project DONE ––faster, easier than on your own

3 Hidden, Unexpected Benefits

Beyond getting high-ROI and secret projects done, focus sprinting also helps you quickly: level up your mindset, stop or start key habits, and experience higher levels of focus, productivity, and happiness.

Get started––risk free ↓

Let's begin with a call. Bring your projects and goals. I'll listen, help you focus, and map out a plan. Grab a time now while this is fresh in your mind. Less stress and no more procrastinating await you.