The Epic Life

The question at the root of all our searching in life is this: what’s the point?

Why am I here?

What am I meant to do?

We all want to live a meaningful life – to live purposefully, and to make our difference in the world.

Most of us confuse our assignment in life with our purpose.

Your assignment is what you do.

Your purpose is who you become.

These two things are interrelated, they work together.

Every answer in life is found in the decision and devotion to live our lives with one primary goal: to know and love God.

The Epic Life

I work a lot in media and technology.

In our world, we have our own language.

One of the words we use a lot is the word “Epic.”

We use it to mean “extremely awesome.”

The word actually refers to a long poem, typically one from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures.

Simply put, it’s the story of a hero’s journey.

John 15 defines our relationship with God as a transforming union.

We are invited into a journey that will bear fruit that lasts forever, and He promises to help.

“I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit… I chose you… that your fruit should remain.” John 15:5,16

The fruit Jesus is talking about is inwardly our character and outwardly our ministry and service to others in the grace of God.

Whether leading a Bible study or building a business, this is the true product of our lives.

Our highest calling is to diligently press into a lifelong journey with God knowing that He longs to be deeply engaged with us, and that He sees, is moved and remembers all that we do in our quest to know and love Him.

This is the most glorious reality for weak and broken people — that through the activity of the Spirit in and through us our lives can truly matter.

Walking this out with Jesus in everyday life is what being heroic is all about.

It is The Epic Life.

Abiding in Him

The primary way we live an epic life is abiding in Jesus.

Abiding in Him is to live in HIm.

This means drawing on and reaching to HIm as our source of life and leadership.

It involves three primary activities: talking with God, applying His Word, and obeying His leadership.

Talking with Jesus

The Christian Life is an ongoing dialogue with a real Person.  He has much to say, but He allows us to set the pace of the conversation.

If we will start the conversation, He will continue it as long as we do.  When we stop, He stops and waits for it to begin again.

Jesus responds to us to the measure of our desire to talk with Him.

Applying His Word

Knowing and applying the truth of God’s love and power helps us to bear fruit.

Shame and rejection rise up to challenge what He says about loving, forgiving, leading and providing for us.

But we must apply the Word to our heart by confessing the truth and resisting lies against it the reality of how God sees and feels about us even in our weakness and failure.

We must proactively reject anything that is contrary to the truth about who we are to Him.

Obeying His Leadership

Jesus promises to manifest His presence to those who obey Him.  (John 14:21-23).

Only in the context of obedient love does He reveal the deep things of His heart.

We must love God on His terms.  Obeying Him is an expression of love.

As we engage in these three activities, He abides in us.

Jesus Abiding in Us

The moment we receive Him, Jesus lives in our spirit.

Then, as we engage with Him, His presence increases progressively to renew our mind and emotions.  (Ephesians 3:17; Galatians 4:16; John 14:21)

His indwelling Spirit teaches us about God’s heart, His Word and His will.

He inspires us to obey and respond, renewing and transforming our mind, emotions and desires to bring them into agreement with HIs.

This is both our legal position of being justified by faith and receiving Jesus’s righteousness, and our living union based on responding to and participating with Him in everyday life.

These two things realities together are foundation for a truly epic life.