The Miracle of “All In”

I woke up this morning with a new determination stirring in my heart.

Inspiration or desperation, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ve been aware of a gap in my life.

It’s the gap between what you’re living and what you know you are meant to live.

Ever felt it?

It happens at every level of success, and it’s a gift…

The thought racing through my mind was “believe 100%, go all in.”

Extraordinary success or failure learning is only possible when you believe 100%, when you’re “all in” on whatever it is you want to do.

“All in” is the decision and posture that births new levels of clarity, focus, progress, momentum and growth in any area of life.

It’s also the thing that makes the breakthroughs and turning-point moments possible.

What I’m talking about are those moments when, after what feels like months or years of frustration, a key appears to open the door to your next level of income and freedom.

The Miracle of “All In”

The miracle of “all in” begins with believing 100%.

You are where you are right now in your life or work because you believed something or someone.  And who and what you believe determines what happens next.

Most people join a certain program or buy a certain course thinking it is the answer.

This rarely works.

Think about it: you can gain skills in a variety of ways, but the thing that has always unlocked you is a relationship with a person that saw something in you and your future that you didn’t see yourself.

Join the program, buy the course, but make sure you’re in a relationship with someone who can help you make the internal shifts necessary to make the program or course actually work for you.

Truth is, you never join a program, you join the person.  It’s the relationship with the person that unlocks your next level or not.

That’s my intention in everything I do, to offer that kind of relationship at whatever level you decide: private coaching, an event, a course, through my Facebook page, this blog.

Today, repositioning yourself to experience the miracle of “all in”:

(1) First, change your story.

There’s this story that we tell ourselves and others.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

It either empowers or disempowers us, energizes us for success or becomes our excuse.

Changing your story is first seeing yourself differently.

What I know and have confidence in is God’s love and personal choice for each of us in our weakness.  This is the starting point and core belief frees us from a lot of stuff most people carry around and filter life through.

What if you are not your parents, your past, your failures?

What if you’re free to see yourself differently, and therefore to filter life differently.

There’s more to write on this… for now, please know that 99% of what you think is holding you back is a story you’re telling.  The other 1% is skills that you can learn.

What you must do now to move forward is break agreement with your old limiting story.

One thing that helps is creating a line-in-the-sand moment for yourself.

Let me explain:

A friend in the direct selling industry created a tombstone with the words “I can’t” and a date.  He literally went to a grave yard, set it up and took a picture.  The picture is on the wall of his office.  That was his line-in-the-sand moment.

What I’ve started doing on the first night of the beach house seminar is having people write down their old story in the form of what’s holding them back.  Next, we go out to a fire on the beach where everyone throws the paper into a fire as symbolic break from the past.  Then, each person writes a new story that honors their past while empowering their future.  It’s a transformational experience.

(2) Second, join a different conversation.

Napoleon Hill, in his research for Think and Grow Rich, discovered that there are a handful of things all successful people share in common.  The most important, according to Hill, include having a definite purpose or chief aim in life, acquiring specialized knowledge and leveraging the principle of the mastermind — which I’ll describe as a conversation that unlocks understanding and application beyond what you alone are capable.

Your conversation is the product of your story, it’s what’s happening in your daily communication with yourself and others.

My experience and observation is that you play up or down based on the people you’re around.  You won’t change them, they will change you.

Every athlete understands this.

Winners get excited about the opportunity to play with better players.

Being in the game with people who know more and have accomplished more than you always takes your game to another level.  It’s pulls you out of your comfort zone, forces you to see the game differently and challenges you to step up in ways you never would on your own.

Look, the difference been good and great is not 100 things, it’s 2 or 3 things.

These are the 2 or 3 things that are the secrets in every area of life, the 20% vital few that are 80% of the difference, results and success in anything.

Ever hear about the 10,000 hour rule?

It’s the observation that it takes about 10,000 hours in anything to reach a point where mastery is possible.  I say possible because mastery requires an invisible shift between hour 10,000 and hour 10,001.  The breakthrough for most people is one conversation, distinction or change.  It’s usually a very simple but significant distinction that changes everything, 10x.

I’ve experienced this over and over throughout my life.

I’ve also been in situations where the distinction was present but I was not prepared to hear and respond to it.

The 10,000 hours is what you must do to be ready for that conversation.

This is one of the things I listen for in an initial strategy session with a prospective client.  I want to work with people who have put in the “10,000” hours, whatever that means in their situation.

Those are the people who are ready.  They get and value the small things that make the big difference, they follow-through and they ignore the “shiny objects.”

Why aren’t more people ready?

The hidden trouble with most people I talk to, and with the larger culture is this:

We’ve forgotten (and in some cases criminalized) training children so that they are prepared to succeed in life.

Few people value apprenticeship, where 70%+ of the 10,000 hours happen.

This is the real reason America has fallen behind in math and science.

It’s not the fault of teachers and schools, though our education system is broken.

The fault and the opportunity is with parents who have let an increasingly godless culture brainwash and/or shame them out of training their children.

If you think we aren’t living is a nation where “normal” puts our children on a course of destruction, try spanking your child in Walmart.  I guarantee that some normal and otherwise sane person will complain, and depending on your economic status and community, you could find yourself facing criminal charges of some sort.  Yes, we do need to protect children from angry and abusive parents but we don’t need to demonize Godly discipline and necessary heart training in the process.

This is the real issue at the root of what most people are experiencing in their lives, the terrible twos have become the pattern for their life.

What needs to happen for most adults is re-training at a heart level.

This is why wayward children of the poor used to get shipped off to the military, and the well-to-do to boarding schools.  For others, it’s mentorship or discipleship.  However it happens, it must happen if most people are to succeed in life.

Ultimately what it requires is believing 100%, adhering to a particular philosophy and actively spreading it.   Jim Rohn got it right, your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life turns out.

Let me make sure you heard the second part of what I said, spreading it.

If you’re not spreading what you believe, you don’t believe it, at least not 100%.

Ask anyone who is masterful in any field or profession, and who earns an above average income and they will tell you that the turning point was two or three things that they understood and believed at a certain point in their lives.  They will also tell you that passing on those secrets are what they really have to offer a protege.

By the way, too see a simple illustration of this, watch the original Karate Kid movie.

The real secrets in anything are usually gained after the 10,000 hour mark and are almost always the product of a life conversation where you hear what you need to hear because you are prepared to hear it and you have decided to.

(3) Live your best life today.

The longest, shortest distance between where you are and where you want to be is the period of time between your decision, and when you start seeing the results.

This is the hardest part for most people.

There are people around you who are violently committed to the old you.

They will fight against, and try to kill the new you because it makes them uncomfortable.

This usually won’t happen in an open confrontation.  It happens mostly in little comments they make, inviting you to dinner on diet day, etc.

What you must do is create an air-tight compartment for yourself.

Air-tight compartment?

I learned this from a friend who spent time in the Merchant Marines.

When you move from compartment to compartment on a ship or submarine, you close the door behind you so that whatever happens in that compartment stays in that compartment and doesn’t impact the rest of the ship.

You’ve got to do this in your thinking and environment when you want to make significant changes in your life too.  You’ve got to create a zone that supports what you want to do.

Then you make a conscious decision each day to step into and stay in that place, closing the door to people, conversations and behaviors that are your old story, and living your new life daily.

This is not something 99% of people can do alone.

You likely need an accountability partner, a coach, someone who will hold you to your new story and make it harder for you to go back to your old way of operating – especially while you’re still surrounded by people who are committed to resurrecting the old you.

This level of accountability requires you to be brutally honest with yourself and to give someone else permission to hold you to the higher standard you’ve set for yourself.

The person you pick is important.

This person needs to see a picture of your future, and hold the space for you while you go through the inevitable pains of transition.   If you truly want to change anything in your life, having this person in your life is not an option, it’s a must.  Invest whatever it takes.  One more thing, this is rarely a friend or someone who already knows you because they are likely to let you off the hook with you cry and whine — and you will.

I’ll stop here for today.

I’d love to hear what this prompted in you.

Also, thank you for taking a moment to share this message on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin…


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  1. Hi Ramon. I’m glad to connect with you. This is a great post. I particularly like the air-tight compartment analogy. It is what I have had to do in my life and business. When I first ventured into internet marketing, I tried a number of things, but I found that I was spinning my wheels. Once I got into my air-tight compartment, I started growing my business. That image will help me as I am fending off requests from other people to join their businesses. Thanks so much.

    All the best,

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