The Place Everything Changes

The year was 1971 and he was literally struggling to keep the lights on when he tossed out all the rules, went for broke, and transformed his life forever.

What did he do?

He wrote a one-page letter, just 361 words.

That letter generated more than 30 million dollars…

Most people ask the obvious questions: who was he, what did the letter say, etc?

Good questions, but not the most important thing to know.

The most important thing to know is that he wrote the letter from a “place” that was different.

This is the “place” everything changes.

It’s no longer about your past, what you don’t have, what hasn’t or might not work, what other people say or do…

Anyone who ever accomplishes anything extraordinary knows this “place.”

It’s where breakthroughs happen.

But most people resist coming to this place.  They hold on to fear, pride, excuses, justified their behaviors, blamed others and do everything they can to avoid coming to the place where they must toss out the old rules, go all in and take action.

How Elephants Are Trained

Do you know how elephants are trained?

When they are very young, one leg is chained to a stake in the ground.

The young elephant tries over and over again to leave the boundary of the chain but he can’t.

The chain is removed later when he is older but you know what happens?

Even though the adult elephant is free to go anywhere he wants, he remains invisibly bound by the much more powerful chain that has formed in his own mind. This is how most people live their lives.

Freedom is just a few steps away but the invisible forces of identity, belief, and habit keep them enslaved and limited in every area of their life. To break free, you must come to the “place” where continuing to live as you have is no longer an option for you.

This is what I want to talk with you about this month in the Masterclass.

It’s an important conversation so be sure to join in live.

Today’s Prayer Focus and Question…

Prayer/Meditation: Romans 15:13 Supernatural joy, peace, and hope in every area of life and work today…

Focusing Question: What’s the most important project for me to complete right now?

Blessings in all you do,

Ramon Williamson

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