Throw Out Most of Your Goals


I’m not kidding.

Throw out most of your goals.


Because most of your goals are based on what you don’t have, not what you really want.

Trust me, it’s true.

Most of us have set goals based on a very limited view of what’s really possible. Not really understanding ourselves and our true potential, we’ve set goals based mostly on what we don’t have—notwhat we truly want.

Goals like a new car, a better job, more money.

All of these things are great.  But what will really change your life are goals that inspire you to use your gifts and bring all of yourself to life.  When you do, you’ll accomplish 100% more, have a lot less stress and automatically get most of the stuff you’re focused on right now.

Don’t try to analyze it; look at the facts.

Isn’t it true that every time you’ve had a breakthrough in your life, you consciously or unconsciously gave yourself  permission to operate outside your previous paradigm — your old way of thinking and approaching life?

And isn’t it true that once you were in that new place, you saw new possibilities, and you were able to take new actions that seemed undoable before?

Nearly all of your present goals were set in the old place.  So if you want to begin getting a breakthrough right now, throw out most of your goals, move into a new place, see what’s really possible, and choose some new, more inspiring goals.