Tools I Use & Recommend

You'll find a list on this page of tools I use and recommend.

I often arrange special offers for clients and members and may receive some form of compensation. But I only recommend products and services I have personally use n my business. If there's something you're looking for or a tool you think is better than the one I'm using, let me know.


Enom Domain Name Registration: this is the service I used to register my primary domain names. Register your name dot com as your primary site and any other names associated with your primary products. Today, I also use and recommend Name Cheap.

Liquid Web: technically, 99% of web hosts are the same.  The difference is in the customer service.  LiquidWeb is the best host I've used in the past 28 years online. If you're a client, I've arranged a special deal with WPFuel.

WordPress: this is the primary platform I use for all of my websites.  It is a one-click install from within your web hosting CPANEL.

Get Stencil: this is the tool I use to make images for blogging and social media. It's simple and easy to use.

Aweber: the money is in the list.  I've used Aweber for 13 years to manage my email marketing.

OptimizePress: if you sell advice, information products, or run a membership website, OptimizePress is the WordPress theme to use.  This is a must for my clients and members.

Social Media

Buffer App: this is the tool I use to schedule tweets based on a schedule I determine.  It works for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Content & Product Creation

MindMeister: I use this online mind mapping software as the first step in my content and product creation system.

ZOOM: I use zoom for client sessions, webinars, online meetings, and to make online courses. Important: Contact my office for an exclusive offer from ZOOM. It will save you hundreds of dollars.

For audio and video transcriptions, I use Otter and

Podcasting and Audio

Anchor: If you want to do a podcast, Anchor is simple, easy, and free. No fancy equipment or file hosting needed. You can also automatically distribute your podcast on iTunes and other sites.

Microphones: The microphone I use every day is the AT3035.  It's been discontinued. If you want a professional microphone, I recommend (1) Shure SM7B and the (2) Heil PR40.  If you want something simple that you can plug into your computer, I recommend the Rode Podcaster USB.  All cases, I recommend getting the boom stand that attaches to your desk, shock mount, and a pop screen.

Video – Screencasting

Keynote: this is the software I use on the Mac to create presentations.

Screenflow: this is the screencasting software I use on my Mac to make slide-based video sales letters and information products.  I also use Camtasia on the Mac and PC.

Video – Conventional

Canon 60D – this is the camera I use for video.  I use a 50mm lens to get the blurred background effect you see in my videos. I'm planning to upgrade this camera in the summer or fall of 2020.

Personal Growth

Scribd: Unlimited books and audiobooks for just $8.99 monthly. Begin with 2 months free. I use Scribd Snaps (their book summaries) to read a new book every weekday morning.


Evernote: I use Evernote as my personal information manager.  I use it to document my discoveries, organized notes, clippings, and more.

Google Docs: I use Google tools to create and share files with others.

Google Calendar: I use Google calendar because I can share it.  It also connects with all the other online scheduling tools I use.

Calendly: I use this app to provide access to my calendar for easy scheduling of initial strategy and client sessions.


SuperFood: this is the ultimate in nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals to give you more energy; 40% protein by volume, over 550% of Vitamin B12.

Protect: essential herbs to protect the heart, liver, and brain, also contains the three most POWERFUL herbal antioxidants.