Tools I Use & Recommend

You’ll find a list on this page of tools I use and recommend.

I often arrange special offers for clients and members and may receive some form of compensation. But I only recommend products and services I have personally use n my business. If there’s something you’re looking for or a tool you think is better than the one I’m using, let me know.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Enom Domain Name Registration: This is the service I used to register my primary domain names. Register your name dot com as your primary site and any other names associated with your primary products. Today, I also use and recommend Name Cheap.

Liquid Web: Technically, 99% of web hosts today are the same. The difference is the customer service.  LiquidWeb is the best host I’ve used in the past 28 years online. If you’re a client, I’ve arranged a special deal through WPFuel which using Liquid Web to provide managed WordPress hosting.

Content Management

WordPress: this is the primary platform I use for all of my 97% websites.  It is a one-click install from within your web hosting CPANEL.

Email Autoresponder

Aweber: Yes, the money is in the list. I’ve used Aweber for 13 years to manage my email marketing. I have also used Convert Kit.

Page Builder

OptimizePress: If you use WordPress and sell advice, information products, or run a membership website, OptimizePress is the page builder to use. They’ve added a Funnels and Checkouts module in 2020 so you can do everything in WordPress.

Drop Funnels: Powerful funnel page building integrated with hosted WordPress. It’s the first and only funnel platform built for page speed and SEO. I’m now recommending Drop Funnels for new clients, and this is also the tool we now use in our done-in-a-weekend events.


Get Stencil: This is the tool I use and recommend to make images for blogging and social media. It’s simple and easy to use. The tool our marketing help agency uses is Canva Pro. It’s more advanced, and also allows you to make print and tee-shirt graphics.

Optimize Your Images: It’s essential to optimize the images you use in your website while preserving quality. Here are the sites I use and recommend: (1) TinyPNG, (2) Compressor.

Royalty-Free Images: WordPress and most other graphic creation tools include access to royalty-free images. Here are the direct links to two popular sites (1) Unsplash, and (2) Pexels.

Social Media

Buffer App: This is the tool I use and recommend to schedule posts based on a schedule I determine.

Kinsta: Use this tool to grow your Instagram account without fake followers.

Content & Product Creation

MindMeister: I use this online mind mapping software as the first step in my content and product creation method and workflow.

ZOOM: I use zoom for client sessions, webinars, online meetings, and to make online courses. Important: Contact my office for an exclusive offer from ZOOM. It will save you hundreds of dollars.

For audio and video transcriptions, I use Otter and

Podcasting and Audio

Anchor: If you want to do a podcast, Anchor is simple, easy, and free. No fancy equipment or file hosting needed. You can also automatically distribute your podcast on iTunes and other sites.

Microphones: The microphone I use every day is the AT3035. It’s been discontinued. If you want a professional microphone, I recommend (1) Shure SM7B and the (2) Heil PR40 with the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.  If you want something simple that you can plug into your computer, I recommend the Rode Podcaster USB or the Blue Yeti. I also use the Rode Lav+ with my iPhone and MAC Book Pro. All cases, I recommend getting the boom stand that attaches to your desk, shock mount, and a pop screen. Just getting started, go with the Blue Yeti.

Video – Screencasting

Keynote: this is the software I use on the Mac to create presentations.

Screenflow: this is the screencasting software I use on my Mac to make slide-based video sales letters and information products. I also use Camtasia on the Mac and PC.

Video – Conventional

Canon 60D – this is the camera I use for video. I use a 50mm lens to get the blurred background effect you see in my videos. I’m planning to upgrade this camera in the summer or fall of 2020.

Video – Live Streaming

Ecamm Live – Broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. Professional features.

Personal & Professional Growth

Scribd: Unlimited books and audiobooks for just $8.99 monthly. Begin with 2 months free. I use Scribd Snaps (their book summaries) to read a new book every weekday morning.


Evernote: I use Evernote as my personal information manager.  I use it to document my discoveries, organized notes, clippings, and more. (2020 Update: I recently moved to Roam as my primary note-taking and ‘second brain tool.

Google Docs: I use Google tools to create and share files with others.

Google Calendar: I use Google calendar because I can share it.  It also connects with all the other online scheduling tools I use.

Calendly: I use this app to provide access to my calendar for easy scheduling of initial strategy and client sessions.

Brain FM: I use the music in this app to support and enhance focus while working.


SuperFood: this is the ultimate in nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals to give you more energy; 40% protein by volume, over 550% of Vitamin B12.

Protect: essential herbs to protect the heart, liver, and brain, also contains the three most POWERFUL herbal antioxidants.


Manta: Best sleep mask I’ve found. Comfortable fit, and blocks out 100% of light.