Why You?

Why you?

That’s the question people are silently asking in the marketplace.

This morning, in the Know Who You Are post, I shared with you the simple document I use with clients to help them uncover, appreciate and begin harvesting hidden assets and opportunities available to them in their life and work.

It’s part of helping them to articulate their USP or Uniquely Special Person.

The acronym USP is conventionally used in marketing to refer to your Unique Selling Proposition.

Your Unique Selling Proposition answers the question “Why You?”.

It provides a way to quickly and clearly communicate the value of working with you in a simple sentence.

It’s important to have a USP statement for yourself and each of your products and services so you have be heard through the noise in the marketplace.

The goal of your Why You USP Statement is to instantly highlight and set yourself apart in the mind of the other person so the conversation changes from what typically happens to a discussion about the unique value and benefit to them.

The example most gurus use to describe the concept of USP is DominosĀ®:

“Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30-minutes or less.”

The trouble with this example is that people try and model it to come up with their own.

It doesn’t work for 99.9% of the people.

People spend countless hours trying to come up with a short, catchy statement for themselves… only to end up getting frustrated, settling for a tag line that doesn’t really communicate their true value or they just give up.

Forget about trying to be catchy and cute.

Instead here’s how to quickly develop your USP positioning statements that laser communicate your value by completing a simple sentence:

“You know how most


__(Describe what typically happens and the result)__,

well what I do is

__(Describe what you do that is different, better, more valuable)__

so that

__(Describe the aha or WOW benefit)__”

Here’s an example of a USP statement I used to differentiate myself as a motivational speaker:

“You know how most speakers deliver a presentation to your group, then a few weeks later people are back to their normal routine?  Well what I do is provide a series of follow-up options, email or group coaching calls to reinforce the message and make it stick so that people begin integrating the ideas into their daily work.”

Use this simple fill-in-the-blanks formula to come up with your own USP statements for each of your products and services. It’s a simple, effective way to quickly communicate your difference and value so you stand out in the marketplace.

Are you a life coach or want to get started as a coach? Here’s a bonus training article to help you position yourself as THE coach to work with in your niche…

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4 thoughts on “Why You?”

  1. Ramon – This is a great follow-up to yesterday’s post. I honestly believe that WHY is the most important, and a powerful question. Wearing my thinking hat again. Thanks again for a powerful post. Nischala

    1. Ramon Williamson

      Yes, knowing “why you” not only helps you communicate with clarity in the marketplace, it also transforms you. You have greater confidence so you connect more powerfully and profitably in the marketplace.

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