Finally, grow your thought leadership and attract the best clients – even if you struggle with writing.

(1) First, LISTEN to this audio 🎧

Then, read this quick invitation letter…

Nine months ago, I started exploring AI as a writing tool.

I tried all kinds of expensive software promising to write articles, social posts, even sales letters, fast and easy. But what I got was flat, dull, and lifeless.

Then, a few months ago, the breakthrough.

I created a simple workflow to write with AI using MY WORDS and MY VOICE.

The results were astonishing. I went from procrastinating to prolific, writing dozens of pieces of content, in just a few hours each week. I wrote social posts, essays, and even the first draft of a novel.

And the best part, for the first time, I’m enjoying the writing process!

Dyslexic but determined.

The true test of the method I’m calling “Prolific Workflow” came over Zoom with a dyslexic client struggling to get her thoughts on paper. It was taking her almost a week to write one blog or social post, and it was a mess.

I suggested that we try the method together.

What happened next felt like a miracle.

2 articles in about 30 minutes! 🤯

This can work for you too

If you want to get out there, get your message heard, and do all the things you dream about, writing online is your ticket. Thought leadership, better clients, your own digital products… It all begins with the simple workflow I’ll show you.

Right now I’m looking to help 11 more people hands-on to get a few more testimonials. Then I plan to publish the method on video as a digital product.

We’ll do everything in a small group Zoom. You can participate live on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 3 PM central or join the reply anytime with access to Q&A.

Here’s what we’ll do together in the small group with 3 to 5 others:

(1) First, I’ll help you get clear about what you want to write.

(2) Second, you’ll see and learn the step-by-step method – including the simple tool I use and recommend (about 6 bucks a month) and the exclusive “style prompt” that makes it work 10x better.

(3) Third, you’ll walk away with a playbook and checklist you can use over and over to make your content.

The fee? Just $1 one-time for everything.

What’s the catch? All I ask in return is that you let me share your unvarnisted feedback and success to encourage others to use the workflow.


Complete your $1 payment using the secure order form below. Then, look for a message by email with a link to join in one of the group calls. 

Your coach,


PS: Sign up before September 20th and I’ll show you how to pay one time and have the tool I use and recommend forever – less than a month of fancy coffee.