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I'm Ramon Williamson.


I inspire others for a living. It's my calling and life's work.


I've worked independently most of my adult life –– as a business owner, public speaker, and success coach.


It's been a long and difficult journey. I've sold things door-to-door, built an organization of thousands of people, helped pioneer the life coaching profession, written an underground bestseller endorsed by some of my heroes, and learned some tough lessons. You can read more about me in this extended bio.


Today, I'm grateful to have the freedom to work from anywhere doing what I love.


I like to say "I coach super habits for world changers" –– everyday people willing to settle for nothing less than their best life. I help with mindset, doing your best work, building an audience, turning what you know into online books and courses, and productivity. Everything I teach is experience-based, experience-tested, and experience-proven –– based on more than five decades of life and work, 37 years as a life coach, and 23 years online.


Most people who find their way here want to improve or reinvent themselves in some way. They're sick and tired of being sick and tired. They want to level up the way they work or work for themselves. They want to find their focus and be more effective. Whatever the goal, they all feel called to something greater and ultimately want to free themselves for higher purpose.


How about you? What do you want to do?


When you're ready, and you know you want to work with me as your coach, let's begin with an initial strategy session. Tell me your top 3 goals for the next 90 days and I will help you.


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Can Working With Me Really Help You Have A Better Life? Listen to the experience of others:

Ramon Williamson Coaching Clients
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“Ramon Williamson is an amazing online business Coach. I'm a Self-Employed Professional who offers online services for businesses. Ramon gave me specific actions and ideas to implement right away and give me a daily marketing structure. He's the most practical business coach I’ve spoken with, and I highly recommend Ramon. Thanks!” — Johnny B (Google Verified)

“Thank you for all the joy, peace, and prosperity you've brought into my life since I begin with your coaching program. Just one of your ideas has turned my life around. Every month for the next 12 months, I'll be making $7,093 base income. This has freed me up from having to work so hard in my business. I now have more free time to spend writing music, playing with my kids, and plain ole' relaxing.” — Brian Keith Voiles (Client Endorsement)

“Ramon absolutely knows his stuff, and laid out a plan that is very realistic and thorough. Highly recommend him to anyone who is self-employed.” — Morgan W (Google Verified)

“I found the session with Ramon very useful. His understanding of challenges and helping think through the responses is fantastic. I highly recommend signing up for coaching with Ramon.” — Vineeta G (Google Verified)

Best life coaching session I have EVER had. Can't say enough great things about Ramon. Personable, actionable, and digestible advice. AMAZING! — Jenna S (Google Verified)

“The most awesome part of this coaching session was talking about health and business. Usually I'm all about the money, but Ramon pointed out that without being healthy enough to take care of the business there is no business. Very, very important for my mindset in going forward.” — Najia R (Google Verified)

“Thank you Ramon for your insight and the game plan you gave me. This initial session was better than a lot of products I paid money for. I will definitely book another session with you, and I'm definitely hiring you as a coach.” — Keith J (Google Verified)

“I can simply sum up this coaching session in 1 word - AWESOME! I really like Ramon's approach. Rather than giving me directions, he helped me to identify the problem by myself. My biggest takeaway is ‘Nobody interested in you. They interested in themselves. - So talk about them’. Thank you for the wonderful session Ramon.” — Aslam N (Google Verified)

“Priceless”! Without a doubt the most useful and ‘valuable’ coaching session I have had. I have heard talks on how to use social media to build your brand and create a 2nd income stream before, but Ramon made it real. If you’re ever in London mate, pints are on me! Thank you!” — Joshua P (Google Verified)

“An expert is a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. Ramon is an expert in social media, writing and, most importantly, helping convey wisdom to others. Gushing praise does not come naturally to me, but Ramon deserves the "excellent" 5/5 rating that he has earned.” — Eric L (Google Verified)

“Ramon is more than just an expert. He is a true mentor. He took time and effort to understand our business, our goals, and the course correction needed. During the session, he shared the specific action items on how to build a drip email story telling strategy to engage leads and how they can be nurturing. I got enough actionable stuff to get going straightaway. If you're investing in inbound marketing and specifically email marketing, MUST TALK to him.” — Tejaswi R (Google Verified)

“The pre-work Ramon asked of me brought an awesome level of focus to our call, and we quickly worked through my first issue. When I off-roaded from there and threw him a curveball, he was quick to understand and both acknowledged that what I'm dealing with is normal (and to keep going) and gave me some concrete action steps to take. Talk to Ramon!” — Taylor J (Google Verified)

“Wow, I can't believe how helpful Ramon was in just one session. He has provided new perspective and direction for my business and zeroed in on my biggest barrier. The session was concise, loaded with great insight, and focused. Thank you so much, Ramon!” — Janice C (Google Verified)

“Ramon walked me through his proven 4-step process for creating and selling a product, and helped me develop a structure for coaching sessions. He provided a TON of value-I literally took 3 pages of notes. I can't wait to take action on his advice and follow up with him again! I'd recommend him to anyone.” — David P (Google Verified)

“WOW. Ramon is the man! As a fairly new entrepreneur, I have been struggling to figure out my next steps in my copywriting business. He tackled my pain points in a way that motivated me to dump the nonsense, follow a strategic plan, and keeping moving forward. I highly recommend talking with Ramon if you're serious about running a successful copywriting business.” — David A (Google Verified)

“Ramon has so much fantastic knowledge to share about all stages of the book writing process - I am so grateful for his tips and tricks and I look forward to the process of writing my book!” — Katie S (Google Verified)

“I really enjoyed my session with Ramon. He actually helped me figure out how to create a coaching/consulting practice that will best benefit my clients. Thanks Ramon!” — Anita M (Google Verified)

“The knowledge he shared and action Items he came up with were amazing. I would recommend him to anyone looking to publish a book.” — Jeff S (Google Verified)

“Awesome. Ramon was very detailed in his suggestions and gave extraordinary and valuable tips on copywriting. He helped me understand how to write and attract action from the readers. I would highly recommend this to everyone! Schedule now!” — Epochal L (Google Verified)

“Ramon is incredible. He so exceeded my expectations. I can hardly wait to test the new wording that has been developed. Very, very valuable help. Thank you Ramon.” — Robert M (Google Verified)

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3 Ways I Can Help You Right Now

🎯 Set Priorities for Your Day

Setting priorities for your day the day before is the super habit that transforms your life. Get clear about what you want to do, understand what matters most, and align your daily activities to accomplish your goals without losing focus. Imagine waking up without dread, and ending your day with a feeling of deep satisfaction. It all begins with a simple super habit that never fails. Let me help you beat the overwhelm, frustration, and burnout, begin with an initial strategy session to unlock your focus power and make the progress you want

📣 Share What You Know

Do people 'pick your brain' to learn what you know? Do you have 'before and after' results in your work or life, or a story or message you want to share with the world? Position, package, and promote your specialized knowledge and expertise as paid content, coaching, consulting, and more –– without expensive software and certifications –– even if technology and writing aren't your strong suit. I've done it since 1986, online since 1999. When you're ready to get out there, get your message heard, and do all the things you dream about, I'll show you what really works today when you're starting from scratch

🚀 Your Best Life At Midlife

Our priorities start to change in our 40s and 50s. We begin taking action towards a more purposeful and fulfilling future. We stop putting off happiness and start taking health and wealth more seriously. Midlife today is different. We still feel and think young, and there's a good chance we'll be around a lot longer. That means we're forced to level up in a rapidly changing world. But we're not looking for a guru to save us. We know how to step up and get it done ourselves. We just need the right information and leverage. That's what a coach who gets it can provide. Ready to reinvent yourself, find new purpose, and build something that brings you greater fulfillment and freedom, let's begin with an initial conversation to see if there's a fit.

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